Ty-Rap, Natural color

Ty-Rap, UV resistent cable tie.

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The cable tie is made out of Polyamid 6.6 and is suitable for uses in applications that more demanting when it comes to mechanical strength.

Only Ty-Rap has The Grip of Steel® locking device made of 316 stainless steel, for superior strength in even the harshest environments. The smooth, rounded strap ensures even pressure across the tie and around the circumference of the bundle. Ribs and stipples hold tight during vibration, and the solid body is stress free to prolong the life of the cable tie.

Mer information

Width (mm)

2,4, 3,6, 4,8, 7,0, 7,6

Length (mm)

92, 140, 186, 203, 208, 222, 284, 290, 340, 356, 360, 365, 368, 771

Package size (mm)

50, 100, 500, 1000