Since ABIKO is a brand of tools and terminals that are included in Elpress product portfolio, we share all the values that have made Elpress one of the leading producers of high quality electrical tools and connectors. That also means that the quality and environment certificates that Elpress have are also valid for the ABIKO range.   

Quality for us means constantly endeavouring to be the best in the industry.

We are therefore continually developing our products, processes and ourselves as we believe knowledge is perhaps the most important component for achieving the highest quality. These quality efforts resulted in Elpress being certified according to ISO 9001 since 1992 and since 2017 certified in according to ISO9001:2015. In Elpress’ core values, quality is a guide word.

ISO 9001:2015

Your safety because we work cost-consciously and rationally.
Your safety because you get the right product with the right quality at the right time.
You know what you can expect of us.

Quality policy

Our overall quality objective shall be to surpass the quality of products and services offered by our competitors on the market.
Our approach shall be characterised by continuous quality improvements, and the ambition to be perceived as a natural partner in relevant quality work.

How do we realise the quality policy?

All employees at ELPRESS AB shall prioritise responsibility for quality in their daily work. The management of the company supports all measures to improve quality.
The requirements set in the ISO 9001 quality standard shall be applied as general standards when working with quality at ELPRESS AB as a means of complying with this Declaration of Quality.

Elpress qualified in TransQ qualification system

TransQ is a joint qualification system and supplier register for the Nordic transport industry. The system is used to get information on and make selections of suppliers in procurements of goods, services and contracts. The aim is to provide a meeting place to collect and share information on pre-qualification of suppliers, which saves time, resources and administrative work. Examples of Nordic transport organisations that use TransQ are the Swedish Transport Administration, the Norwegian National Rail Administration, Norwegian State Railways, Bothnia Line railway, Mantena, etc.

Elpress qualified in Achilles Power & Tech qualification system

Achilles is a leading global actor in supplier information. Qualification of suppliers is done by Achilles collecting and validating supplier information, and conducting thousands of audits annually, to provide purchasers with reliable supplier information.