Since ABIKO is a brand of tools and terminals that are included in Elpress product portfolio, we share all the values that have made Elpress one of the leading producers of high quality electrical tools and connectors. That also means that the quality and environment certificates that Elpress have are also valid for the ABIKO range.

Work is continuously done to protect the environment by utilising resources in an optimal manner and thereby reducing the amount of emissions and waste. We shall comply with the applicable legislation by a good margin. Our products shall be designed so as to minimise their environmental impact in conjunction with:

  • Manufacturing
  • Use
  • Disposal

This environmental work resulted in Elpress being certified according to ISO 14001 since 2004. Since 2017 Elpress is certified according to ISO14001:2015.

Environmental policy

Additives, materials and components that have a negative impact on the environment shall be phased out step-by-step. Our processes, workplaces and work methods shall be structured and adapted so that activities can be implemented with minimum impact on the environment and prevention of injury and ill-health to people. Information and training shall be normal activities in the company in order to increase interest in environmental issues among all of ELPRESS AB’s employees and lead to personal development and participation in the company’s environmental work.

How do we realise the environmental policy?

Our suppliers and clients shall be influenced and selected based on them being able to contribute to the realisation of our environmental policy. Our customers shall be informed of the environmental work of the company and act as partners to spread knowledge and advice to players in the distribution chain, so that our products can be used, stored and disposed of correctly. We shall continuously evaluate our environmental work. We shall show transparency to our surroundings in terms of information on our environmental work and our impact on the environment.