Cable stripping tool

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Oden is a precision stripping tool for removing the sheath from signal, telephone, audiovisual, instrumentation and data transmission copper and fiber optic cables. Up to Ø 11 mm/0.43 inch.

  • Precise: Fine adjustability and repeatability assured by 9-position adjustment wheel.
  • Easy to use: Simply squeezing Oden together opens the stripping cavity – insert cable, rotate once, remove from cable and pull off the scrap insulation sheath.
  • Safe: Smooth, rounded, pocketable and lightweight design. No open blade. Replacement blades encased within a plastic cassette.
  • Flexible: Strips the sheath from most multi-core and fiber optic cables up to 11 mm/0.43 inch in diameter.
  • Economic: Replacement blade cassettes available.